State Agency for Public Service and
Social Innovations under the President of the
Republic of Azerbaijan
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Which services are rendered in “ASAN service” centers?

The following services are rendered in “ASAN service” centers enlisted by state entities providing them:

Ministry of Justice

  • Birth registration;
  • Death registration;
  • Wedlock registration;
  • Registration of divorce;
  • Registration of child adoption;
  • Registration of changes to the given name, patronymic and family name;
  • Registration of determination of paternity;
  • Issuance of certificates (renewed certificates) on state registration of civil status;
  • Notary service;
Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Issuance and renewal of identity cards;
  • Issuance and renewal of passport of citizen;
  • Renewal of driving licenses;
  • Reference note about the conviction;
Ministry of Taxes
  • Registration of commercial legal persons and tax payers;

State Commission for Property Affairs

  • Extracts of registration of property rights over the living houses (apartments), except the initial registration;
  • Reference note of state registration about restriction (encumbrance) of rights over the real estate;

Customs Comittee

  • Receipt of customs declaration and documents for customs clearance;
State Migration Service
  • Issuance of documents for permission for temporary residence and for obtaining immigrant status for permanent residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
Committee for Land and Cartography
  • Reference note on information about land cadastre;
Social Protection Fund
  • Determining occupational pensions;
National Archive Department
  • Archive references to legal and physical persons;